Digital Media Graphic Design

Digital Media Graphic Design

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Web Graphics

Digital Advertising

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Presentation Design

Choose WNY Graphics for professionally designed solutions to meet all your web & social media graphics, digital advertising, email, and presentational needs.

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Website Graphics Creation

While your content focuses on authoritative solutions to customers’ needs and wants, WNY Graphics wants you to look your best. That’s why we strive to complement your content with professionally designed graphics. These graphics will enhance the overall aesthetics of your website. Stunning visual elements that are sure to leave your website looking polished and professional. Creating a lasting impression on potential customers. From photo editing to custom graphics, we have you covered.

Digital Advertising Design

The concept of “less is more” is crucial for the success of your digital advertising campaign. You only have seconds to grab attention and stand out. WNY Graphics will design a high-impact, clutter-free digital banner ad with simple, persuasive images and instantly readable text. Layouts will command attention with aesthetically pleasing graphics and maintain a visual hierarchy so as to immediately lead the viewer to a clear call to action (CTA).

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Social Media Graphics & Adverts

WNY Graphics will design visuals that are consistent with your social media content. Each design will showcase your products and services with simple, effective, eye-catching type and graphics to increase engagement.

Available Services:

    • Profile image and cover photo
    • Custom graphics
    • Short entertaining video posts
    • Optimized images for multiple social media platforms
Sample social media ads
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Digital Billboard, Light Box, and Presentation Layout Design

WNY Graphics will design attention-grabbing, powerful, and impressive display ads and presentations. We can design images for digital billboards or light boxes for trade shows and advertising. Using strategically placed calls to actions (CTAs) to tell your company’s story in a clever, interesting, and memorable way. These eye-catching and effective layouts will showcase your products and services in ways that resonate with emotions in your target audience. Designs will incorporate aesthetically-pleasing and persuasive images and instantly readable text. WNY Graphics will always maintain your brand standards and will deliver the results you desire at an affordable price.

Email & Newsletter Design

In a visual world, a great custom designed email is crucial to having it evoke emotion and generate engagement. WNY Graphics is dedicated to providing you with the best professionally designed, attention-grabbing email templates. Your email template will be:

    • Well organized, easy to consume and navigate.
    • Attractive graphics & type
    • Strategically placed, powerful calls-to-action (CTAs)
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“Mark has an impeccable eye for design, is organized and always timely with his deliverables. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a talented and professional graphic artist.”

David Rizzo
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