Website Design Services

Website Design Services

If you need a new website designed for your business, or if your current website needs to be mobile-ready, refreshed, or maintained, call us today at 716-597-6672 for more information or request a consultation.

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WNY Graphics offers professional, affordable website design services. Our websites are mobile-friendly, search engine optimized, and will turn visitors into customers.

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We Build Compelling & Engaging Responsive Websites

WNY Graphics designs compelling and easy-to-manage websites that are CMS (content management system) enabled. You will get a visually appealing, responsive design that is well-architected, intuitive, and engaging.

We will arrange elements of your website in order of importance. To create a visual hierarchy that establishes a focal point that leads visitors to your most important information. These elements include eye-catching images; color schemes that complement your brand; and consistent typography that will command attention and visually represent your voice.

Website Design Built on WordPress

For a cost-effective option for small business budgets, WNY Graphics offers fully customized website design built on the flexible and versatile WordPress platform.

We install and fully customize (from header to footer) your WordPress website so that it reflects the essence of your business. Your web pages will be as unique as your company’s distinctive style and branding, leaving a lasting impression on engaged visitors.

We can create custom fields, build custom post types, as well as install and set up all the necessary plugins for added functionality to suit your specific needs and requirements. We offer:

    • Personal/Resume Website Design
    • Professional Blog
    • Business Website Design
    • e-Commerce Website Design
    • Real Estate Website Design and more…
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Search Engine Optimization

WNY Graphics is SEO-certified and uses best practices to provide your website with the greatest organic search ranking position possible.

We use consistent and straightforward URL structures; on page and technical SEO; “short-tail” and “long-tail” keyword development, along with geographic identifiers; and image compression for faster load times.

Our image naming convention uses relevant keyword structures along with “alternative text” tags that reflect accurate image content. Your pages will have strong title and description tags and consist of keywords most relevant to your business.

We can even help you with other search engine optimization strategies like local SEO, link building, keyword research, and more.

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Designed for Conversions

Your website is the cornerstone of your marketing, and WNY Graphics can help make it reach its full potential.

We will strategically place powerful, engaging calls to action (CTAs) throughout your website. These persuasive CTAs will prompt your visitors to take that extra step. Leading users directly to friendly, easy-to-fill-out form submissions or product purchases, that will convert your visitors into customers.

Maintenance & Updates

WNY Graphics will keep your website up-to-date and secure on a regular basis. We offer an ongoing maintenance and website service update plan. Where we make sure all your WordPress website themes and plugins are updated for proper functionality and security. We can also make content updates upon request.

Based on your budget, we can provide this service plan either on a monthly or yearly basis.

Comprehensive Training

All of the CMS-enabled websites we design have a user-friendly interface. You will easily be able to manage and update your own content in no time.

After we have completed building your website and before your site goes live, we will provide you with comprehensive training so that you can feel confident in creating and deleting pages, making changes to existing pages, uploading images, and more – all on your own.

I love my new website thank you Mark for your insight and support. I recommend Mark Lux to design your website because he takes the time to listen and help you get what you want your website to look like.”

Terry L. Ridgeway
CEO, Ridgeway & Son’s Construction LLC.

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WNY Graphics

30+ Years of Knowledge and Experience

Mark Lux is an established web designer who has been building and maintaining small business and corporate websites since 2008. His strong background in graphic design gives him a unique advantage over the typical web developer. He is able to create his own custom graphics and has an eye for design. This advantage allows him to streamline the web design process while producing compelling and engaging websites. The result is a website that is not only cost-effective but one that provides your visitors with an exceptional user experience.
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If you need a new website for your business, or if your current website needs to be optimized, refreshed, or maintained, call us today at 716-597-6672 for more information or request a free consultation now.

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